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Le Masque is Gaetano’s alternative pop project. It is based around his songwriting and production.

Le Masque
debut EP Spiral has been released on Bandcamp the 27th January 2015. It has been recorded, produced and mixed by Gaetano at his London studio.

Spiral consists of three tracks:

1) Spiral
2) Time Goes By
3) That’s All Over

you can download the EP here

Here is the video of the title track





"Recently I discovered the music by Le Masque, which is in Alternative pop/rock genre.
Le Masque is a solo project of multi-talented musician, composer and producer, Gaetano Serra….Here, I present the music video for the album title track Spiral. The video is very artistically crafted by himself. The music and the visual art together for this song, it gives me the feel of Jim Morrison in a David Lynch film. Le Masque is surprising, hard to pin down, sexy and sharp. If you listen through the EP, you will feel all these words somewhere along the songs. In 2015, watch out for Le Masque! (Teri Morris, 15th Jan 2015; Music Matters GB)

“Chilled out psych-pop from London based Le Masque. Time Goes By is the work of producer Gaetano Serra who with this track has created a effortlessly cool catchy pop number that will be part his upcoming EP being made available from Bandcamp” (Music For The Soul, 23 Dec 2014)
“The man behind the Le Masque psych pop project is about to release his debut EP 'Spiral' early in the New Year. Produced and recorded (and playing all instruments) in his Hackney studio, take a listen to lead track 'Time Goes By' below.
Dulcet vocals over mellow swathes of instrumentation in a dream psych composition. Bella. (Little Indie Blogs, 22 December 2014)

“Le Masque is the project by a Franco-Italian dude who roams around Bethnal Green in London, by the name of Gaetano Serra, with some dreamy psychedelic jams we couldn’t help but share with you dear readers. So go forth and spin “Time Goes By” pronto. Grassimiiiile” Sodwee,

"Good songwriter here, fine tunes...Delightfully difficult to pin down (that’s a good thing). This is well worth your time, lush synths, fine textures, bit of experimental colour in there bringing the fine songs to life. Clever details, clever songs, something really good here, slight psychedelic feel loitering around the edges... Now if there’s any record label types out there, then maybe they want to be glancing in this direction? Just good songs, breezy songs, delightful details, little twists, uplifting intelligently clever considered pop songs that are never obvious.” Sean Worall, Organ magazine

Gaetano, a talented Italian musician visited us after his recording in studio and he brought one piece to listen. Good soft sound." (Damo Suzuki-CAN, e-report, May 10)











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